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  1. Posted by taylentavarez, — Reply

    Compound Words! I love this idea because you can choose and customize the words to your choosing. The pamphlet is really cute and easy to use. It shows the compound words very clearly.

  2. Posted by sitijariyah64, — Reply

    T̆̈h̆̈ă̈n̆̈k̆̈s̆̈ ă̈ l̆̈ŏ̈t̆̈.. ĭ̈t̆̈ m̆̈K̆̈ĕ̈ m̆̈ĕ̈ ĕ̈n̆̈j̆̈ŏ̈y̆̈ m̆̈ŏ̈r̆̈ĕ̈.

  3. Posted by blomgren_d, — Reply

    I would change the drawing of a bow tie to one of a shooting bow (with an arrow) because that's the kind of bow a rainbow refers to. Makes more sense, right?

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  5. Posted by melody8131, — Reply

    compound words- This foldable really shows what compound words are. This can also be customized using different words.

  6. Posted by vs057, — Reply

    Homeschool (Taytum)

  7. Posted by shreyasidash, — Reply

    very beautiful and creative for kids.

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